Armyworms and Cutworms

Armyworms and cutworms have similar appearances and both can cause turf damage. Armyworms are yellowish in color and have an inverted V on the top of its head. Cutworms and Sod Webworms are black to brown in color, sometimes with spots or stripes.

Symptoms of worms: Worms can cause general thinning or browning of the lawn. Birds are attracted to the affected areas. You will likely find many small holes left from birds probing for these worms. Damage may occur throughout the summer.

What to do: Helpful control practices would be regular applications of fertilizer and proper mowing/watering. Your lawn needs about 1 1/2 inches of rainfall or irrigation each week, especially in late spring and early summer. Mow frequently, every 5 – 7 days. Keep the mower blade sharp and cut the grass tall (at least 2 1/2 inches).

When activity is observed, Grass Carpet Lawn Service can apply insect control to the affected areas. If arrangements have not been made, please contact our office or speak to your Lawn Specialist to schedule an application to your lawn.