Ants are social insects that build their nests in soil, wood, or other suitable substrates. They can become a problem in the grass turf of your lawn. Ant mounds can be particularly troublesome where maintaining a uniform playing surface is essential. A typical ant colony consists of an egg-laying queen, males, and hundreds to thousands of sterile female workers, which can become a nuisance.

Symptoms: Ants normally establish their colonies in sunny locations. During nest construction, ants excavate large quantities of soil which they deposit in mounds on the surface. Not only are these mounds unsightly, but they can smother the turfgrass immediately.

What to do: Effective ant control normally requires the destruction of the queen. A single insecticide application will provide acceptable ant control for the season.

When activity is observed, Grass Carpet Lawn Service can apply insect control to the affected areas. If arrangements have not yet been made, please contact our office or your Lawn Specialist to schedule an application to your lawn.