Red Thread and Pink Patch

Red Thread/ Pink Patch

General: These two diseases are caused by different fungi, however since they do have similar appearances, we will group them together. Red Thread and Pink Patch are normally most active on turf during cool, wet weather of spring and fall.

Symptoms: Both diseases produce reddish fungus growth which cause red or pink color. This can be most easily seen in the early morning with dew. Disease develops at the tips of the grass blades first and then proceeds down the blade. In advanced stages, ragged scorched patches appear.

What to do: Lawns should be mowed frequently, at least once per week, and even more often if weather conditions so require. Water your lawn deeply, also once per week, to keep grass growing. Morning hours are the best time for watering, so blades of grass will have maximum drying time before evening sets in and humidity increases.

If problems persist, Grass Carpet Lawn Service can apply fungicides to minimize the effect. Please call our office or speak to your specialist for a free price quote.