Brown Patch

Brown Patch

General: The outbreak of Brown Patch is affected by soil moisture, grass variety, humidity, mowing practices, and temperature. Brown Patch is most prevalent during periods of high temperature and humidity.

Symptoms: This fungus usually kills grass in a circular pattern a few inches to several feet in diameter. In some instances, the center of the diseased turf will recover while the disease is still active along the edges.

What to do: Mild cases of Brown Patch may recover with improved cultural practices. Those practices are: Water only when the grass begins to show signs of stress (wilting), and be sure to water deeply, 2-4 inches. Mow frequently (every 5 days). More severe cases may require the use of disease control products. Your specialist can advise you on the best course of action.

The factors relating to a heavy outbreak of Brown Patch are many. The principle difference is often the grass variety. Some varieties can be more resistant. If you decide you need to overseed your lawn, consider using a blend.

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