Grass Problems


Weeds are tricky to manage; you don’t want to ruin the good grass in the process of ridding your lawn of the “bad guys.” However, correctly identifying the weed can enable us to prescribe the appropriate control product. Learn about the common weed types in Iowa, or call us; we are prepared to fight them with you!


Although the pests you have infiltrating your lawn may not be easily identifiable, the damage they cause is undeniable. We can help you recognize the signs and symptoms if one of the following lawn-damaging species is present, and then recommend the best way to send them on their way! From aphids to grubs, learn more about the particular insects that frequent Iowan lawns here and call us if you need help controlling them!

Common Animal Pests

Often, the presence of insects on your lawn will create even more problems; they invite little mammals to feast on them, tearing up your grass in the process! If you have random off-color spots confined to specific areas of your lawn, it is likely your grass is suffering from animal pests. Call us to work out a grass care or insect removal plan to prevent these spots from spreading. Read more about the following pests and what they can do to your lawn:

Lawn Diseases

Even the best-kept lawn may be vulnerable to diseases affecting the quality of grass, which can be caused by environmental stress or soil problems. The presence of certain organisms, like fungi, or pathogens on your lawn may cause symptoms that are shared with other common lawn problems. We can help you figure out whether these issues are due to a disease or some other cause. In the case of disease, we can provide treatment and suggestions for curing your lawn. Read more about how to identify different diseases or call our office for help!

Not sure what ails your lawn? Give us a call, we are your local experts on all conditions affecting lawns in Iowa.