Granular Fertilizers

We advocate so fiercely for the use of granular fertilizers because, in our experience, they just work better.

Granular fertilizers settle into the soil and are taken up by the roots. This is a natural process, which allows each individual grass blade to be healthier, greener, and more likely to develop into a thick, beautiful lawn of “Grass Carpet!”

The granular fertilizers also allow our specialists to tailor programs to fit your lawn’s specific needs. Our specialists carry many different products so that they can make adjustments based on the weather and the condition of your lawn. Unlike companies that tank-mix products and give every customer the same mixture, Grass Carpet customizes every application.

Work with us to develop a program of care for your lawn, which includes regular applications of granular fertilizers. Read about our Base Roots and Deluxe Programs or call us today for a customized–and free!–estimate.