Soil and Turf Conditioning

We know how Iowa weather affects your lawn and we use only the very best materials to make your lawn as healthy as it can be. Our Base Roots program involves five timely applications of granular fertilizer, which help improve the thickness, texture, and color of your lawn. In addition, we can provide services such as soil pH testing, lime application, and fall core aeration to minimize thatch.

Lawn Fertilizing

Granular Fertilizers

Fertilizing is an essential part of caring for your lawn. Not only does it improve the appearance of the grass, it keeps it healthy by providing the necessary nutrients that help plants grow.

Our lawn-care specialists use only the highest quality products, which include granular fertilizers. Forty years ago, agronomists knew granular fertilizer worked the best to develop and thicken lawns. So: why is it that, today, lawn care companies still try to sell you liquid fertilizers? Answer: Because it is cheaper and faster, but not better.

Learn more about our fertilizing methods or schedule a maintenance program that includes applications of granular fertilizer!

Lawn aeration

Annual core aeration helps improve conditions for better root development by minimizing thatch accumulation, decreasing soil compaction, and improving the exchange of necessary nutrients to reach the grass roots.

aeration pic

How is this done? We perforate the soil with small holes to allow nutrients, as well as air and water, to better circulate within and to penetrate the roots.  This performance of aeration alleviates the compaction of soil that starves roots from necessary elements.

Learn more about the process of lawn aeration or add lawn aeration to your scheduled maintenance!

Lime application

When soil is acidic or lacks certain important nutrients, it may stunt growth of grass. Application of lime on a lawn can balance the acidity of the soil, promoting a healthier and well-structured soil for your lawn’s grass to grow.

Your specialist can test your soil‘s pH level to recommend the amount of lime and the time between applications your lawn may need.

Learn more about lime and how we apply it to your lawn or add lime application to your scheduled lawn maintenance program!

Soil pH testing

Sometimes, grass may not be performing well because its living conditions aren’t hospitable. In this case, it may be necessary to test your lawn’s soil. We can test acidity levels and decide whether your lawn needs a lime application, or we check for excessive thatch layers that may be harming the space for the ability of your grass to grow.

After obtaining the results from your soil sample, our specialist will be in touch with you to determine the best plan of action for improving the quality of your lawn. We will custom-blend the appropriate amount of fertilizer and/or lime to effectively make your lawn healthier and greener.

Learn more about soil testing and how it can lead to better grass.

If you are unsure which services your lawn requires, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation and estimate.