Lawn Services

Enjoy the feel of a Grass Carpet lawn all season! Whether you need pre-emergent protection from weeds or figure out why your grass doesn’t look as nice as your neighbor’s, we are here to help. We have the reputation for being the best lawn service around Eastern Iowa and have been happily serving customers since 1991. We know Iowa lawns!

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Scheduled Lawn Care: Deluxe and Base Roots Program

Lawn Services

Regular lawn care and maintenance is important for the current and future health, appearance, and vigor of your lawn. Scheduling our services on a regular basis can revive a troubled lawn, help defend against damage from weeds and other pests, and support a healthy root system. This can all help keep your lawn looking its best. We can make your life easier by providing these services for you, from spring lawn maintenance, to fall lawn care, and lawn-mowing (Cedar Rapids/Mount Vernon only).

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Lawn Fertilizer and Soil Conditioning

Lawn Fertilizing

It’s very clear: fertilizer affects not only the beauty, but also general health, of your lawn. Mowing and raking are not enough to keep your lawn healthy; special attention to root care through application of nutrients and conditioning of soil is necessary to keep your grass healthy and vibrant. We offer:

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Weed Control


From dandelions to crabgrass, these opportunistic weeds ruin the quality and appearance of your lawn. We take pride in our ability to rid your lawn of unwanted weeds as part of our lawn care Base Roots program. The first application includes season-long crabgrass pre-emergent protection in the early spring. This preventative action ensures your lawn will require the least maintenance from you during the growing season. In future sessions of fertilizer applications, we also provide a liquid broadleaf weed control to rein in the spread of tough weeds such as Dandelion, Clover, and Creeping Charlie.

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Insect Control


We understand that certain visitors are not always welcome on your lawn. Therefore, we take steps to control any insect you may have. Not sure who is responsible for the holes or other damage in your luscious Green Carpet? We’re familiar with the common insects that frequent lawns like yours: find out how to recognize pests and what preventive treatments we use to defend your lawn!

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Animal Pest Control


As with insects, we have methods that can protect your precious lawn from unwanted furry visitors. Do you think moles, skunks, raccoons, or dogs are causing harm to your grass? Find out more about each animal and talk to us about the next steps in controlling the problem!

Grass Problem and Lawn Diseases


There could be any number of reasons why your lawn’s grass is not looking as well as it should be. Insects, diseases, weeds: these all can be negatively affecting the appearance and health of your lawn. Learn more about issues specific to grass lawns or contact us if you need help identifying your problem.

We care about your lawn and are eager to assist you in improving its quality and viability. Need help identifying the services you may need? Call us to talk to a lawn specialist and we’ll work with you to figure out what is best for you and your lawn.