About Us!

Expect The Best Service

Our locally owned and operated business has been helping families like yours enjoy the thick cushion of dark green lawns since 1991.

You benefit from the personal attention of a trained lawn specialist. Our professionals are educated in agronomy and horticulture, and are certified by the State of Iowa.

During the season our specialist will be making sure all the best products are being applied to your specific lawns needs, our granular fertilizer allows us to custom blend to your specific soil, rather than the one size fits all solution you get with liquid fertilizer application.

Many companies seem more interested in getting the sale than in “knowing” your lawn. Lawn care is not just a matter of going to a home, putting down fertilizer, hanging the bill on the door. Rather, it is a relationship between the lawn specialist and you. When there is good communication, there are always good results.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Grass Carpet, we take pride in caring for your lawn just as you take pride in it looking its best. So, if there is ever anything about your lawn or an application that you are not completely satisfied with, we’ll come back and do whatever it takes to make it right. We’ll take care of your lawn as if it were our own.

Get in touch with us, we are looking forward to meeting you!